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Common Core Skills Online

In order to register on the Ofsted Voluntary Childcare Register (VOCR) and/or comply with Ofsted requirements, child-carers are required to undertake common core of skills and knowledge training.

We provide common core of skills and knowledge training directly for individual child-carers, sports club staff, and for local authorities across the country. We offer this training as an online course.

(We do sometimes deliver the course for groups/organisations in a classroom dependant on numbers- please call if this is of interest).

Completion of this course provides child-carers and those that work with children in other settings with the required childcare training for registration on the Ofsted Voluntary Childcare Register (VOCR) and improves the knowledge and skills of those who complete the course.

For child-carers, registering with Ofsted can improve your employability as many families will only consider employing Ofsted Registered child-carers.

"Great help & information when calling MNT. You knew more than Ofsted did - thank you so much"

Full-time Nanny
OCN Common Core Skills