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"" Essential Parent Company DVD 1- Feeding

The Feeding DVD is part of the Essential Baby Care Guide produced by The Essential Parent Company ( The Feeding DVDdemonstrates everything you need to know to provide your baby with the best nutrition in their vital first 12 months. It includes:

  • Breastfeeding demonstrations with our breastfeeding expert Sally Tedstone who is a breastfeeding educator and consultant to UNICEF’s Baby Friendly Initiative
  • Explains how breastfeeding works and how breast milk and breastfeeding helps your baby to grow and develop
  • Shows you how to successfully latch on your baby
  • Formula feeding advice and demonstrations
  • Expressing demonstrations and tips
  • A full kitchen demonstration with paediatric dietitian Melissa Little, showing you how to introduce your baby to solids going from first purees through to an exciting and nutritious range of meals and finger foods.

Other guides in the series cover Care & Development, Sleeping and First Aid & Accident Prevention.