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"" Essential Parent Company DVD 2- Care and Development

The Care & Development is part of the Essential Baby Care Guide produced by The Essential Parent Company ( The Care and Development DVD shows you how to keep your baby healthy and well cared for in their vital first 12 months.  It includes:

  • Midwife Alison Ross showing how to bath, clean and put nappies on your baby
  • Consultant paediatrician, Dr. Anna Maw, shows how to recognize meningitis, breathing difficulties and other medical emergencies
  • Child development and parenting expert Dr. Rebecca Chicot shows how to soothe and prevent crying
  • Massage to soothe colic in babies
  • How to treat and prevent common ailments such as nappy rash and eczema
  • Demonstrations of what to expect in your baby’s development
  • Child development and parenting expert, Dr. Rebecca Chicot and nursery teacher Alice Maclaine show a range of games to help promote physical, social, emotional development and your baby’s thinking.

Other guides in the series cover Feeding, Sleeping and First Aid & Accident Prevention.