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Maternity Nurse Contracts (Hard Copy Pack of 5 Contracts)

These very popular hard copy contracts are designed for maternity nurses to use with their clients when working in the UK. Each pack contains 5 tear out contracts with duplicate pages (one for the client and one for the maternity nurse).

The contracts contain the following sections:

  • Client and maternity nurse contact details
  • Details of standard duties to be performed by the maternity nurse
  • Details of any additional duties the maternity nurse and the client may discuss and agree upon
  • Details of the date and timings for the contract period
  • Details of the fees to be paid to the maternity nurse including when and how these will be paid
  • Details for cancellation and deposits
  • Details for any additional information and extensions/amendments to the contract
  • A disclaimer removing responsibility from the maternity nurse if the clients request the maternity nurse to act contrary to current guidelines pertaining to:

    1. Safe sleeping
    2. Preparation of infant formula
    3. Administration of medicines

(The contract pack contains a separate ‘Guidelines Sheet’- this sheet contains the current guidelines for safe sleeping, preparation of infant formula and administration of medicines. A copy of this sheet should be given to clients with the contract. The guidelines sheet is reviewed every January by MNT staff and the most up to date version can be obtained by clicking the link below).

Click Downloads for the latest version of the Guidelines Sheet