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ocn Level 3 OCN Toddler Care Course

Do you or your staff need to learn more about the care of toddlers?

If yes then this is the course for you/them. This Level 3 OCN course is very popular with both early years settings and individual practitioners including nannies and consists of 5 units:

  • Managing Behaviour
  • Toilet Training & Other Social Skills
  • Managing Common Sleep Problems
  • Supporting Transitions
  • Working with Toddlers

It considers the care and support of very young children aged between 15 months and 3.5 years old. The course is based on the latest guidance on how to support toddlers and is designed to improve the skills, knowledge and confidence of those caring for children in this age group.

The course is an online course and so can be studied any time from your own home- there is no classroom attendance required and learners can enrol at any time. There are discounts available for multiple bookings.

Accreditation and Assessments:

This course is accredited by the Open College Network (OCN OTC) at level 3 and carries 4 credits.

To successfully achieve this award learners must complete the assessments associated with the course.

Learners who enrolled on this course also enrolled on:

Unit One: Managing Behaviour: this unit will discuss why toddlers behave as they do and provide some strategies for managing their behaviour and setting boundaries

Unit Two: Toilet Training & Other Social Skills this unit explores the myths and management of toilet training and how to encourage toddlers to use the toilet appropriately.

Unit Three: Managing Common Sleep Problems this unit will discuss sleep and the importance of developing good sleep hygiene. Bedtime and sleeping through the night are issues that most parents and carers of toddlers struggle with.

Unit Four: Supporting Transitions this unit looks at the management of these ‘transitions’, as they are referred to in text books, and suggests strategies to help your toddler cope with them. Toddlers often start a play group, nursery, baby gym or day nursery for the first time and this can be an upsetting time for them. Even children who have been attending day care since they were babies can become upset at the thought of moving from their ‘baby room’ to the ‘toddler room.’

Unit Five: Working with Toddlers this unit will be of interest to nannies, au pairs and early years workers and will address such matters as norms of development, planning for and managing activities, administering medicines, issues regarding confidentiality and responsibilities towards family and parents

Learners must ensure their computer meets the minimum requirements as refunds cannot be given once enrolled. If you have any concerns about this please call us and we will be happy to offer support. These requirements include:

  1. Internet access and a working email address

  2. Up to date internet browser such as: internet explorer/safari/google chrome/firefox (if your browser is not up to date your screen may not display the content as it should. Please call us if you wish us to help you check your browser and how to update it if needed- it's very easy- even we can do it!)

  3. Use of a computer to study the course - tablets and smartphones are not advisable for studying as the display and functionality can be affected.

  4. Additionally learners should be familiar with navigating a website and have used a Word Processing package such as Microsoft Word in the past.

Course fee: £135. Enrol via the website at anytime.


I love your courses MNT- I have done so many and keep coming back - keep up the good work - another excellent course!!

Anna- Early Years practitioner

I had been looking for some time for a course just like this because I look after a 2 year old boy. I feel so much more confident now and the little boys parents were so pleased I took the course.

Maria, Nanny

We have just started taking 2 year olds into our setting and wanted to brush up on our younger age toddler skills- this course was perfect- a few of us took it and found it most useful.

Ivana, Pre School Worker

My wife and I took this course as we have just started child-minding together- it has been invaluable to us- thank-you MNT- a superb course!

Tim- Childminder